Lithuanian Theatre Union (LTU) – an independent professional creative organization uniting Republic professional theater art employees. The organization is headed by chairman and board elected in congress.

The Union’s goals is to represent and protect its members’ professional, labor, creative, economical and social rights and interests. Also to promote professional excellence, to take care of members of the Union employment, Lithuanian theater history heritage, to develope international theater contacts. The Union has a chamber hall (Address: Teatro g. 8, Vilnius) and creative residence camp “Žaldokynė” in Šventoji resort.

Union members

The Union accepts Lithuanian citizens working in the Republic of Lithuania theatre creative work, as well as other artists permanently residing in Lithuania. Artist has to have at least three years of creative work expierence. Artists of other professions who made a significant contribution to the development of theater art, are taken exceptional, having not less than 10 years of theater experience.
The Union members wishing to join the Union, together with a request to Lithuanian theater union must pay an entrance fee and 1% of the average monthly wage.
The Union members have the right to participate in Union events, to all kinds of creative, legal and consulting assistance of the Union.

The Union’s activity

Over the past decade the Union has focused on the organization of theater festivals, promotion of young stage artists, development of international projects. The Union is still working actively with actors-veterans and together with them are organizing different culture events. Since 2004 The Union is responsible for publishing the only theatre magazine in Lithuania – „Lithuania stage”. It also organizes various conferences, workshops, seminars in different parts of Lithuania, as well as participates in the press, radio and television broadcasts, performances reviews, preparing different kinds of theatrical and literary material for approval. Many theater critics working in various Lithuanian institutions of higher education, preparing a variety of national and international projects. In 2011 Theatre Union Congress held in Kaunas Drama Theatre elected new chairman Ramutis Rimeikis.



Ramutis Rimeikis


Address: Teatro g. 8, Vilnius, Lithuania

Culture project manager

Marija Martinaitienė


mob.: + 370 655 56699

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